Sunken Shoreline (2016, released 2021) captures a 2014 performance of climate-related tweets from around the world in realtime (#climatechange, #tarsands, #environment,  fracking, #sustainable, [...More]
Distance-X is a digital musical instrument that consists of a hacked Gametrak, Nintendo Wiimote, and customized Kyma software. Music on Distance-X is all human-powered computer music. No tapes. [...More]
Precipitation 3 is one of a series of musical compositions written for 26 clock chimes as part of the sound art installation, Aqua•litative. With my Precipitation series, I treat the [...More]


Composed and mixed by me in the box using Logic Pro X. Mastered by Thaddeus Moore at Liquid Mastering. [...More]
Are streaming services ready for dynamic random-order concept albums? A music album that explores using dynamically looped playback on streaming services to generate a unique listening experience [...More]
All EP tracks made from "Monster" single with most mangling handled by Kyma. [...More]
The sonic impact of radio on the Americana landscape is profound. Fireside chats, Radio theatre, Payola, DJs, drive-ins, elevator Musak, waiting room noise––the vast consumerism and reach of [...More]
UVA Percussion Ensemble, Speed of Sound (UVA Music @100) https://www.innova.mu/albums/uva-percussion-ensemble/speed-sound Speed of Sound celebrates both the Centennial of the McIntire Department [...More]
Currents investigates the overlaps and gaps between noise and pattern; acoustic and electronic timbre; and live and fixed elements. Currents sounds out the intersections of our current electronic [...More]
Tesla: Light, Sound, Color is a 90-minute stage production with live physics demonstrations, digital animation, an original string and electronic musical score, and contemporary choreography. The [...More]
Human-powered computer music. No tapes. No spacebar playback. Just body movements turned musical mutants. DistanceX is a new digital musical instrument I’ve developed for live performance, [...More]
Listen, for two performers, is about listening, or rather, not listening. The decay of the sound tracks the decay of the physical body– the vocal cords are shredded alongside the desire to be [...More]
String Quartet no. 1 conatains three movements (Cleanse, Body, Release). Watch here for the full movement or click below to listen to each movement as a separate video. – String Quartet no. [...More]
Overwhelmed by pain, shock, or grief, these three actions demonstrate how we may lose control of our physical bodies, revealing just how fragile we are. Video documents performance at the [...More]
A Gold Star family is one who has lost a loved one in military service. Stemming from Jewish tradition, many Gold Star families place stones on grave markers in Arlington National Cemetery, which [...More]
#Ferguson is a solo percussion work based upon Twitter feeds surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO on Aug. 9, 2014. The work has three characters: Michael Brown (tenor drum); [...More]
I participated in Dartmouth's Eyewash 2015 festival, a bi-weekly showcase of experimental film and music. I was able to present 45+ minutes of solo material, including live performances on the [...More]
Hope is the thing with feathers is based loosely on a poem by Emily Dickinson. The poem floated by at a timely moment, and the flute contains many of the sonic qualities expressed. Score of Hope [...More]
Surfaces uses the walls of the room as the score. Each surface is a movement, and every performance may be 1-6 movements in length. The objective is to play, and sonically reconstruct, the [...More]
This is a performance video of AUU (for eMersion wireless sensing) at the 2014 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, held at Georgia Tech. I performed as a finalist representing Chet [...More]
Youngman / Overholt is a piece for piano and electronics, written in honor of my grandmother, Betty Jane Youngman Overholt, who passed away in early 2013. [...More]
Sweetly is a vocal work for four voices (SABB). The video is a live performance (2/17/14) by the vocal ensemble Ekmeles (ekmeles.com). The work was originally an alt-folk song duet I wrote for [...More]
San Giovanni Elemosinario is a music for film work that attempts to recreate a Venetian church through sound. [...More]
Great Speeches is a computer music composition for any large laptop ensemble. This recording documents a Oct. 30, 2013 performance of the UVa MICE ensemble with 100+ performers. [...More]
Confidant is a collaborative project between Jon Bellona and Samira Potts. Based on their diverse love of music (ranging from Townes Van Zandt to Adele), the duo began writing and performing [...More]
Casting is a real-time composition for a single performer using the Microsoft Kinect and Kyma. [...More]
Zero Crossing is a collaborative work by Harmonic Laboratory. The piece explores the relationships between moving bodies, real and perceived, and the line that exists at the junction of action. [...More]
Pope Blackout is an indie-rock inspired outlet for electro-acoustic composer Jon Bellona. This three-song EP delves into emitting noise as art, and one can hear inspirations like My Bloody [...More]
Sound Pong is a real-time performance composition written in Kyma and Max/MSP for an electronic ensemble. [...More]
Running Expressions is a real-time performance composition using bio-feedback and remote controllers. [...More]
In Passing articulates the journey of an interactive dialogue between performers, where the germinal communicative motive becomes entangled as the conversation evolves. The clarity and complexity [...More]
Sonic Dog Tags is a set of compositions that retrieve biographical information of fallen service members from the Department of Defense RSS feed, in an attempt to form compositions unique to each [...More]
Unresolved Peace is a work for flute & electronics recounting a sister losing her brother to war. Separated into three movements, the work reflects upon the process of being initiated into the [...More]
AUU is a live performance composition for Wacom Tablet and Kyma. [...More]
If I Had A Hi-Fi (Sample 3 songs)

Cary James, Evan James, and Jon Bellona came together through various avenues. As Cary and Jon had a previous project known as The Landscapers, The Edgy Citizens burgeoned on their conversations [...More]
The Sound Memorial for the Veterans of the Vietnam War is a six-hour long composition/installation, a reading of the names of the service members who died during the Vietnam War. [...More]