Surfaces uses the walls of the room as the score. Each surface is a movement, and every performance may be 1-6 movements in length. The objective is to play, and sonically reconstruct, the environment the performers are currently within.

The video is Null Set performing in the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University on 10.04.2015 during their AfterSound exhibition, which featured works by John Cage, Paul DeMarinis, Caroline Record, Marina Rosenfeld, and others.

The image and recording below is the New Music Ensemble performing at The Bridge PAI in Charlottesville, VA, and thus the performance is a sonic construction of the surfaces of the venue.┬áHere’s an image of the concert space (Mvt I is on left, Mvt II in back, Mvt III on right, Mvt IV up top, and Mvt V down below)

The Bridge PAI on 2014-11-01.
The Bridge PAI on 2014-11-01.

Surfaces score (pdf).