Consisting of nine DC motors, nine perimeter trip alarms, wood logs, and custom electronics, S.O.S. is a sound artwork that is a commentary on the Athabasca tar sands sacrifice zone; S.O.S. [...More]
Sonic Solutions (2024) consist of working sound cannons made from PVC, metal, and wood. The two works are 4″-diameter PVC version (dimensions: 53” L x 24” W x 42” H) and 3″-diameter [...More]
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The Athabasca oil/tar sands in Canada are just one example of human-made sacrifice zones — a geographic area that has been permanently altered by environmental damage or economic disinvestment [...More]
Five sound sculptures centered around fire-affected areas of the 2020 Holiday Farm fire near Blue River, OR. [...More]
The sonic impact of radio on the Americana landscape is profound. Fireside chats, Radio theatre, Payola, DJs, drive-ins, elevator Musak, waiting room noise––the vast consumerism and reach of [...More]
Wildfire is a 48-foot long speaker array that plays back a wave of fire sounds across its 48-foot span at speeds of actual wildfires. [...More]
IMPACT! features six site-specific sound and data-driven installations that use technology to provoke questions about humanity and our effect on the world around us. Works in the show include [...More]
Awash depicts the life, color, and environment of the High Desert. The kinetic sound sculpture emanates audio from the region, while flowing as a singular mechanical wave overhead. Awash, like [...More]
City Synth transforms the city of Eugene, OR into a musical instrument. [...More]
Precipitation 3 is one of a series of musical compositions written for 26 clock chimes as part of the sound art installation, Aqua•litative. With my Precipitation series, I treat the [...More]
Selector is a live audio-visual performance that uses algorithms to select between various sonic processes. Some of these processes include the selection of audio segments, rapidly skipping like [...More]
Cloche are 3D printed objects instilled with movement data to create combinatorial structures of natural patterns. Motion capture technology was used to extract physical movement from its [...More]
Aqua•litative is a kinetic installation that renders multiple data sets related to California’s water history into movement and sound. The installation displays climatological data as a [...More]
CarbonFeed takes your most recent 200 tweets and turns them into a minute loop, a song [...More]
The project #CarbonFeed directly challenges the popular notion that virtuality is disconnected from reality.  Through sonifying Twitter feeds and correlating individual tweets with a physical [...More]
Human Chimes transforms users into sound that bounce between other users inside the space. The sounds infer interaction with all other participants inside the space. Participants perceive [...More]
A commissioned interactive installation that allows a user to paint graffiti upon any projected surface. [...More]
Play! Sequence is a multitouch sequencer that controls the playback of audio and video masks. The work enables the user to simultaneously interact with the space's sonic and visual environment. [...More]
Commissioned for the 2011 Fringe Festival, The Goddess Re:membered is a site specific work and multimedia response to The Goddess, a classic Chinese silent film from 1934. [...More]
Interactive Mirror is a public installation that enables users to play with real-time video effects. [...More]
"Patch It In!" is an interactive sound installation focused on illuminating the transformations of space through human presence. The installation explores the physical and aural transformations [...More]
Boxed is a sound installation about the journeys of shipping cardboard boxes. The work includes seven vignettes, or rather "boxes," that utilize sounds of packing & shipping cardboard freight as [...More]
The Sound Memorial for the Veterans of the Vietnam War is a six-hour long composition/installation, a reading of the names of the service members who died during the Vietnam War. [...More]