San Giovanni Elemosinario

San Giovanni Elemosinario is a music for film work that attempts to recreate a Venetian church through sound. Collaborating with architecture students studying in Venice, Italy, I received sketches of axonometric views, floor plans, column details, entrances, and other structural perspectives. Placing these sketches inside Iannix allowed cursors to trace the architectural renderings in real time. These cursors output data to Kyma, where mappings of data control oscillators, harmonic resonators, noise filters, as well as other acoustic treatments (panning, reverb, EQ, frequency shifts, etc.). While no impulse response was recorded, listening tests inside the church determined a ~3 second decay time, and helped influence the creation of spatial reverberation.

A huge thank you to Matthew Burtner and Anselmo Canfora, both of whom made the collaboration possible.
Video/Music: Jon Bellona
Drawing: Olivia Morgan, Alex Picciano