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Listen, for two performers, is about listening, or rather, not listening. The decay of the sound tracks the decay of the physical body– the vocal cords are shredded alongside the desire to be heard.

I wrote the piece thinking about the physical limits of the body and the mistranslation of communication. Given the current political climate, I may have been channeling more than just the idea of (not) listening.

Unresolved Peace

Unresolved Peace is a work for flute & electronics recounting  a sister losing her brother to war. Separated into three movements, the work reflects upon the process of being initiated into the Gold Star family. The work is dedicated to the Cleary, Henderson, and Winder families, to the wonderful Gold Star families with whom I’ve shared time, and to all whom keep open hearts. The poem “Peace” was written by Thich Nhat Hanh, 1968. This is the May 2, 2010 performance recording, with Allie Greenwood on flute.

+ Download the score.