Digital art lights up Hult

EUGENE, Ore – From near the top of the parking garage at the Hult Center, a group turns on a projector and plays a reel.

In just moments, moving images like graffiti and recorded videos appear on the side of the Hult Center.

The images are all part of the first ever Digital Art and Media Projection festival in Eugene.

“Our main goal really is to bring innovative and unique artwork to people who live in Eugene,” said Lisa Hewitt, co-creative director for (sub)Urban Projections.

Hewitt said the festival is a way to introduce Eugene to what digital art actually is.

“It’s video art that’s being projected onto public walls or alley ways,” Hewitt said.

Throughout the month of November, the group is showcasing digital art submitted from Eugene, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Mexico – even France.

“We’ll be showing works from emerging artists,” Hewitt said.

Some of the digital art is moving graffiti while others are recorded videos. Regardless of what the images depict, Hewitt said the different art has the same goal.

“A lot of people look at alley ways with a specific connotation, but we’re trying to have people reconsider it,” Hewitt said.

The different digital art entries will be judged in the coming weeks. Third place will receive $300, second place will receive $500, and the first place winner will receive $1,000.

Next week the digital art showing will be on Wednesday night at 5th and Willamette Street from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The following Wednesday digital art can be seen at the Oak Street Alley.