Audio Instructor Portfolio

Below is a sample of produced audio work (tracking, mixing, composition), including some multimedia works. All recording excerpts total less than 25 minutes of audio.

Audio Production

Low Red Land "Dreams That Heroes Dream"

I served as tracking engineer for Low Red Land's second album, Weight of Nations. I engineered the session—-setting up mics, routing the audio to tape, and running the mixing board throughout the two-day project. I recorded the rock trio (drums, bass, guitar) using an SSL 4000 board running to 2" tape (Studer a827) before bouncing the tracks over to ProTools for mixing.

Chutzpah "Bizness (feat. Melle Mel)"

I tracked live drums for Chutzpah's "Bizness (featuring Melle Mel)" for their album Hip-Hop Fantasy and assisted recording vocals for guest artist rapper Melle Mel.

Jon Bellona "String Quartet no. 1 (Mvt III)"

String Quartet no. 1 is an original composition, performed by the JACK quartet. I engineered the recording session and mixed the work in ProTools. The recording consisted of dpa 4601 microphones on each instrument as well as a combination of near and far overhead stereo pairs. The excerpt is from the third movement.

Pope Blackout "Sleeping Beauty"

I wrote, recorded, and mixed a independent rock song for Pope Blackout. All work was done inside ProTools.

Jon Bellona/Kevin Davis "Aeolian Skinner"

I co-wrote Aeolian Skinner with Kevin Davis. I recorded and mixed our 2016 performance in the University of Virginia Chapel. The recording uses three stereo pairs of microphones (c414, km184s, and sm81s) placed throughout the space in order to blend the various resonances of the church organ.

Jon Bellona "Youngman/Overholt"

My composition, Youngman/Overholt, is for piano and electronics. Seung-Hye Kim performed the work in Old Cabell Hall at the University of Virginia, and I mixed the recording in ProTools.

Jon Bellona "Admitting Light"

Admitting Light is for dance and visual projections. I composed and mixed the work inside Logic, and the excerpt highlights non-traditional mixing techniques, including gated reverb and side-chained auxiliary sends.

Confidant(e) "All the Colors"

I played guitar and engineered the recording session for Confidant(e)'s album "Empty House". I mixed all tracks, including All the Colors, inside ProTools.

Intermedia Work


Precipitation 3 is one of a series of musical compositions written for 26 electronically controlled clock chimes as part of the sound art installation, Aqua•litative. With my Precipitation series, I treat the electromechanical structure as musical instrument, navigating through sound with the syntactical construction of code. Compositions played by the sculpture evoke precipitation data of California weather stations by cycling through bits of its data. These cycles create emergent sonic patterns in a continuously evolving play between density and rhythm. Movement flows as collapsing waves, additively striking a cybernetic balance between natural order and mechanic motion.

Aqua•litative is a kinetic installation that renders multiple data sets of California’s water history into a physical experience. For Precipitation and Aqua•litative, I built the installation modules and the electronics, coded the musical compositions and its software, and installed the work in the space. John Park aided the visual design and concept. He also created the movement code, which I translated for Arduino. John Reagan coded weather station data parsing software, which was used in the original installation (not used for Precipitaton here).


Beat Repeater is a VST and AU stereo audio plugin that manipulates the wet, dry, and feedback gains of a simple delay line. When on, the plugin cuts off the input to the delay, cuts the dry output signal, and increases the feedback to 100%; in short, the sound "stutters" or repeats the beat according to a BPM setting selected by the user. An additional automate button lets the plugin randomly select beat divisions for a further glitchy breakdown of the sound. User parameters control left and right channels separately. I built Beat Repeater on my own using the JUCE Framework (C++).


Selector is a live audio-visual performance that uses algorithms to select between various sonic processes. Some of these processes include the selection of audio segments, rapidly skipping like a malfunctioning CD player. Each audio process triggers pulses of projected light. Selector combines the generative selection of audio with the selection of visual code in a tightly synchronized display of sound and light. The video was taken during an exhibition at the Let There Be Light Festival in Charlottesville, VA on Dec. 9, 2016. I built and installed all components.