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Edgy Citizens (Indie)

Cary James, Evan James, and Jon Bellona came together through various avenues. As Cary and Jon had a previous project known as The Landscapers, The Edgy Citizens burgeoned on their conversations of live records and wavy, pastiche pop. Their debut, “If I Had A Hi-Fi”, premiered in January, 2003, and was cut live with two additional session players – Lindsay Papsmear on bass, and Ben Salzman on drums – around one Neumann SM69. Our heroes sounded the various guitar noises and spit vocals. To date, the group is on hiatus working on solo projects.

Ariskany Records

Vietnam War Sound Memorial

The Sound Memorial for the Veterans of the Vietnam War is a six-hour long composition, a reading of the names of the service members who died during the Vietnam War. The Sound Memorial is a fixed media work performed as an eight-speaker installation and is composed from 210+ voices and over 200 hours of recording. The memorial resurrects the service member’s names by propagating them within a defined space, allowing the name to reverberate within a room and take on a whole new life. The first audio excerpt is “Height of the War;” the movement attempts to capture the magnitude of American service members killed in action over the course of several months in 1968. Following this movement is the rest of the piece, playing sequentially from the beginning.

+ Download the score.

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